Best Magic Cube Bundles in Free Fire 2022

Best Magic Cube Bundles

Are you looking for the Best Magic Cube Bundles in free fire? Well! You are at the right place. The Free Fire game is a popular first-person shooter and multiplayer game available on iOS and Android devices. It is an FPS (free-to-play) action-based mobile game published and developed by Tencent Games.

The format of this game is an easy one, in which one can select players regardless of skill level, age, or complex instructions or menus. The best part about Free Fire Game is its immersive sound experience and realistic graphical interface. There is a reason why it is known as among the fastest-growing mobile games and thus has global downloads of over 100 million.

Free fire gaming aims to indulge you in an action-based environment. There are several modes of fire, and it also includes 30 unique guns. Hence, it allows users to choose a variety of things that can help them enjoy the game and progress further. The unique thing about the game is the state-of-the-art brand strategy that tempts users to play it.

Best Magic Cube Bundles in Free Fire 2021

Garena Free Fire is a famous battle royale game. The game is continuously bringing the latest cosmetic details. Among them are the new costume bundles. Several bundles of Magic Cube are available in the game, and players can choose which ones they want to use; however, choosing them is not as easy as one may think. You have to wait for special events or get them via the in-game store to acquire Magic Cube. Furthermore, if you cannot collect Magic cube, you may have gained access to Magic cube fragments that, when completed, convert into the cube. In the event of Diwali, players can log in to the game on 4 November and collect a Magic Cube for free.

Here are some of the best Magic cube bundles that you will like

1. Vampire’s Revenge

Best Magic Cube Bundles

you should check out the Vampire’s Revenge bundle. Vampires are known for their bloodlust and ability to suck your blood. The Free Fire Vampire’s Revenge bundle ranks among the best Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire 2021 with its unique items and resemblance to real-life vampires.

The Vampire’s Revenge comes with a full-coverage mask that says, ‘Give me more blood.’ The bundle also features hides ‘Your blood is my armor’ jacket that is bright red. It comes with a pair of red shoes and pants.

Other items in this bundle include:

  • Vampire’s Revenge (Mask)
  • Vampire’s Revenge (Top)
  • Vampire’s Revenge(Bottom)
  • Vampire’s Revenge (Shoes)

2. Bandit

Best Magic Cube Bundles

The Bandit bundle is so fantastic we can hardly stand it. With its sleek black top and bottom matched with electric blue eyes peering from behind your mask, this bundle will ensure everyone knows not to mess with you. It also includes fast-moving shoes that will help you stay one step ahead of death.

  • Bandit (Mask)
  • Bandit (Top)
  • Bandit (Bottom)
  • Bandit (Shoe)

3. Violet Flame bundle

Violet Flame bundle

The Violet Flame bundle is all you need to feel like a warrior ready to take on any obstacle. It comes with a blindfold, which means your character doesn’t need to see anything to find or defeat the enemy. The costume and shoes that come with this bundle are exciting since they help it stand out from all of the other Magic Cube bundles in Free Fire.

  • Violet Flame (Mask)
  • Violet Flame (Top)
  • Violet Flame (Bottom)
  • Violet Flame (Shoe)

4. Night Clown Bundle

The Night Clown Bundle is one of the most colorful and crazy outfits, with headwear featuring blue and pink hair and a crazy jacket to match.

  • Night Clown Bundle (Head)
  • Night Clown Bundle (Top)
  • Night Clown Bundle (Pants)
  • Night Clown Bundle (Shoes)

5. Hipster Bunny Bundle

Hipster Bunny Bundle is one of the most popular and attractive Magic cube bundles in Free Fire. It has headwear with cute bunny ears and cool shades to hide your glare. This Bunny bundle also comes with a fabulous fur jacket as a top and bunny head shoes.

  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Head)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Mask)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Top)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Bottom)
  • Hipster Bunny Bundle (Shoes)

Above all are the Best Magic Cube Bundles till now we will keep you updated on this list every year.

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