How to easily change GMMK Pro RGB

“Are you tired of staring at a dull lighting of Gmmk pro keyboard? Want to see diffirent colors to your setup? Look no further! Because to change gmmk pro rgb is very easy

From customizing individual keys to creating stunning lighting effects, the possibilities are endless. So, get ready to add some personality to your keyboard and make it truly your own. Let’s get started!”


GMMK PRO keyboard

We Reviewed the Performance Based on These

  • sharp and sleek design
  • GMMK Pro is a heavy (3.3 Pounds) keyboard because of the metal frame

The GMMK Pro is an exemplary keyboard, and rightfully so considering the hefty $250+ price tag. 

Way to Change GMMK Pro RGB

For changing the color effects

change GMMK Pro RGB keyboard Lighting


If you want to try out various color effects, just use the function keys and up/down arrow keys! Pressing down will move backward while pressing up will go forward. This way, you can keep cycling through variants until you find one that best suits your needs – then simply sticks with it!

To change static color

Fun + X

To modify the existing color, use either the function or x key and set it to whatever you want.

To change the animation speed

For fast speed = Fun + <- (left arrow)

For slow speed = Fun + ->(Right arrow)

With the function key and left arrow combination, your animation will become much slower yet more fluid. If you instead, use the function key and right arrow combo, then your animation speeds up immensely

For Intensity

Fun + W/S

To adjust the intensity of your LED lights, simply use the function key and press ‘w’ to increase the brightness or ‘s’ to decrease it. With this simple action, you’ll be able to customize your lighting for whatever atmosphere you desire!

Change Main light

Fun + 1

If you ever need to disable the side lights or main lights of your keyboard, all it takes is a quick press of the Function key and one additional key. The first time will turn off the side light, pressing again turns off the main lighting without affecting either section; another press restores back to default settings!

More animation effect



Fun + F

Effect 1: Single LED color-changing effect

Effect 2: Pulsing/Breathing mode

Effect 3: Single LED color (no changing effect)

WAVE # 1

Fun + C

Effect 1: Wave effect (with fade)

Effect 2: Wave effect (less fade)

Effect 3: Wave effect in an oval shape

WAVE # 1

Fun + B

Effect 1: Diagonal oscillating LED effect

Effect 2: Single-color LED lighting

Effect 3: RGB LED color cycle


Fun + V

Effect 1: AlM random colors on all keys changing slowly (fade)

Effect 2: All random colors on all keys change quickly (no fade)

Effect 3: Each row has its own color, changing slowly (fade)


Fun + H

Effect 1: Wave-like spreading of LED lights from center

Effect 2: Heart-shape pulsing and fading of LEDs

Effect 3: Matrix-style LED effect

Does gmmk pro have bluetooth

The GMMK Pro keyboard can only be used with a wire and does not have any options for wireless connection. The wire that comes with the keyboard is 6 feet long, which is a good length for wired use. The keyboard’s response time is very fast at 1ms, but it can be adjusted in the software if needed.

Does GMMK Pro have backlight?

Yes GMMK Pro does have a individual backlight properties, also you can customize it according to your choice which is very cool.

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