GMMK Pro Review: A Mechanical Keyboard that is Making WAVES

With a fully customizable design and modular swappable parts, the GMMK Pro keyboard is perfect for serious gamers wanting every edge.

Embodying years of experience from Glorious Gaming, this keyboard offers an array of features to suit any taste. RGB lights can be individually set to whatever hue they prefer, allowing users to create their own style – all while benefitting from superior performance. The GMMK Pro leaves no doubt that it is the premier choice when building a gaming keyboard.


GMMK PRO keyboard

We Reviewed the Performance Based on These

  • sharp and sleek design
  • GMMK Pro is a heavy (3.3 Pounds) keyboard because of the metal frame

The GMMK Pro is an exemplary keyboard, and rightfully so considering the hefty $250+ price tag. 

Things to Know about GMMK Keyboard

  • The GMMK Pro is a masterfully crafted keyboard that offers a top level of personalization and customization, making it one-of-a-kind.
  • It has a custom and well-designed 75 % ratio keyboard that can draw anyone’s attention and force them to build a custom keyboard with the full authorization of parts need to build one.
  • You can order desired parts from the same company and build a keyboard without any uncommon skills just pull/plug
  • This bloat-free, intuitive software helps gamers customize their gaming experience to the very highest level.

What’s In The Box

GMMK Pro Review

Power cable: A braided white-colored USB-C to USB-A cable.

Plastic keycap puller: Orange and made of plastic for removing keycaps.

Metal switch puller: Made of thin metal to remove switches.

Barebones keyboard: No keycaps or switches.

Small pamphlet: Details for warranty information and product details.

The GMMK Pro offers the essential tools needed to get started with your keyboard. But if you’re looking for something more, then check out the additional accessories from their online store! Not only do they offer higher quality versions of what was included in your original purchase, but they also come at a reasonable price point.

The box includes a tiny pamphlet that instructs one to find further product information, but it would have been more helpful if an extensive user manual was included. Furthermore, the keyboard is backed by a 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Freedom To Build

The GMMK Pro keyboard is an incredibly powerful piece of hardware, but it is made even more impressive when paired with the innovative and functionally rich software provided by Glorious Gaming. With its in-depth options and robust functionality, it provides users with complete control of the keyboard’s performance.

From creating custom profiles and macros to adjusting keystroke speed, gamers have the ability to fine-tune their gaming experience. With quick access provided by a dedicated software button, users can quickly make adjustments on the fly and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Whether you are looking for a gaming keyboard that offers great features and a full range of customization options, the GMMK Pro is the right choice. With its cutting-edge technology and impressive software capabilities, it is a powerful tool for gamers of all skill levels. The freedom offered by its modular design and swappable parts lets users create their perfect keyboard.

First Impression

This sleek keyboard glows with a crisp aesthetic and tasteful RGB lighting. An all-black chassis allows the per-key illumination to take center stage, while subtle side lights add an extra flare of light show pizzaz.

If Caps Lock pops up unexpectedly you’ll be able to tell; it will flash red dramatically! There’s no shortage of impressive preset effects available for your visual pleasure – so enjoy this stunning vision in modern gaming technology!


  • sharp and sleek design
  • GMMK Pro is a heavy (3.3 Pounds) keyboard because of the metal frame

The keyboard’s edgy and striking design will instantly improve the appearance of your workstation, making it look as flawless as those well-designed photos you see on Instagram and Pinterest. It is undeniably gorgeous with a sophisticated feel.

The GMMK Pro stands out among its peers with an impressive heft to it, due in large part to the lack of plastic components and robust metal frame. Even without switches or keycaps installed, this keyboard is remarkably weighty.

One of the best features this keyboard has to offer is its incredible durability, not to mention that it won’t easily slide around your desk. However, weighing in at a whopping 3.3 pounds for just the chassis alone makes this my heaviest keyboard ever!

The chassis is incredibly durable and won’t easily succumb to flexing or wobbling. One thing that’s worth noting, however, is that the designers have left out any feet to adjust the keyboard angle.

Although the chassis of the keyboard is inclined at a small angle, this still isn’t an optimal solution. Fortunately, you can always elevate your keyboard using props to make it more comfortable while typing!

Build Quality

The GMMK Pro keyboard is a hefty 1,496.85 grams and its case is extremely sturdy – no flexing whatsoever! Not to mention that I haven’t detected any rattles or creaks coming from this exceptionally composed board.

These robust hot swap sockets appear to be constructed in such a way that it should offer an effortless experience when swapping switches. Furthermore, the USB-C port fits securely and doesn’t seem like it is going to cause any unwanted issues.

Boasting a full aluminum frame, the build quality of this keyboard is unparalleled. It’s built like a tank and absolutely won’t flex under pressure. Plus, you get to choose from several plate options with aluminum as the standard selection!


General Usage

For a smoother and more enjoyable online experience, this keyboard is the ideal choice. The 75% layout ensures that all of your essential needs are within easy reach while its software enables you to quickly remap keys, set up macros, and much more. Make browsing the internet and writing emails effortless with this keyboard!


When it comes to typing, the GMMK Pro is truly a dream. Crafted with typists in mind, this keyboard offers an unbeatable combination of sound, feel, and aesthetics. The gasket mount ensures each keystroke feels springy while its insulated foam-backed heavy case provides satisfying acoustic feedback. Even GOAT stabilizers guarantee stability throughout – although there may be some minor rattling from the spacebar on occasion!


If you’re a programmer who typically avoids the number pad, you’ll love the 75% layout of GMMK Pro. You’ll be delighted by its exceptional typing experience and powerful software—it puts an abundance of control in your hands! It’s no wonder why this keyboard has become such a popular choice among passionate programmers.


If you’re searching for an awesome gaming keyboard, the GMMK Pro might be your ideal choice! With any mechanical switch that best suits you, such as the Cherry MX Speed Silver – a dedicated gaming key. Plus, its blazingly fast polling rate of 1000 Hz results in lightning-quick 1ms latency; no lag, and smooth performance all around.

About The Keycaps

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not come with keycaps. However, we are proud to recommend the Glorious keycaps that you can purchase from another store. To provide more details about these amazing caps, please refer to this section of our article!

If you’re looking to purchase keycaps from a source other than Glorious, make sure they are compatible with the 75% layout – the standard size won’t fit correctly. Then again, if it’s Glorious’ keycaps you seek, we have them in both blue and green shades: plus at an even lower height than usual!

The ice case design is a pure blend of white and an impressive transition from green to blue, giving it a premium feel. In addition, the keyboard comes with a Cherry profile instead of OEM style profiles so you can enjoy its distinctive look. Furthermore, because the legends are not shine-through type keycaps, your RGB lighting won’t be able to illuminate them!


  • Stabilizers: The dummy switches, are linked by a wire to both sides of the authentic switch under the larger keys like Enter, Backspace, Spacebar, and Left Shift.

Instead of the usual plate-mounted stabilizers, Glorious opted for their own proprietary GOAT Stabilizers. These stabilizers screw directly into the PCB and offer a more secure feel than other types of stabilizers. Plus, they come in both clear and silver colors so you can customize your look!

Our stabilizers bear a striking resemblance to Durock or Everglades, yet come in exquisite color. Furthermore, they are pre-lubricated from the factory to suppress vibration and shaking. Overall, these stabilizers work like a charm with one exception – we had to conduct additional modifications for our spacebar keycaps so that it would remain steady without rattling.

The Software

The Glorious software is incredibly advanced and puts all of its incredible features right at your fingertips. Moreover, the keyboard is compatible with open-source programs like VIA and QMK to give you complete control over how it looks or works. With this amazing level of customizability, you can make sure that your computer experience meets all of your needs perfectly!

With the GMMK Pro, you can enjoy one custom profile straight out of the box. But with its included software application open and ready to use, consider your options virtually limitless! Create a plethora of RGB layers for unparalleled lighting effects, and customize your keyboard’s keys by remapping them or adding macros as desired to create an effortless gaming experience – all while maintaining a rapid polling rate that will keep up with even your fastest keystrokes.


The GMMK Pro comes with a convenient center-mounted USB port for an efficient power supply and also features wired connections as the only connectivity option. It is accompanied by a 6-foot cable, providing an adequate length for comfortable use. Moreover, its latency/polling rate of 1000 Hz or 1 ms can be further adjusted using the accompanying software if needed.

Pros and Cons

GMMK PRO keyboard


Check This Unique Keyboard for your gaming setup


  • Full aluminum case
  • Sturdy and durable build.
  • Excellent tactile feel, sound, and aesthetic design.
  • Rotary encoder knob allows for convenient adjustments.
  • The springy gasket mount design.


  • Users may find that the spacebar tends to rattle while typing.
  • Does not come with a user manual
  • Costly for some users


Whether custom keyboards were too pricey or just out of reach, the GMMK Pro could be your knight in shining armor. This mass-produced keyboard is stepping up to bat as a new high-end for its kind with incredible stabilizers and even an integrated rotary wheel––all building on top of already solid construction.

This keyboard is a marvel for those who were considering custom keyboards, but could not stomach the hefty price tag or prolonged wait. Nevertheless, it may also become a temptation that leads you into the alluring world of custom, group-buy keyboards!

The GMMK Pro is an exemplary keyboard, and rightfully so considering the hefty $250+ price tag. With high-quality stabilizers, a rotating wheel for convenience, and sturdy construction – it’s no surprise that this board garners praise from all corners.

The only downside would be its accompanying software suite; though functional, there isn’t much to write home about in terms of customization options.

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