How long does gmmk pro shipping takes

“Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new GMMK Pro keyboard? You’re not alone! Many users are curious about the gmmk pro shipping timeline.

Whether you’re a gamer looking for a competitive edge or a content creator in need of a high-quality keyboard, we’ll make sure you know exactly when to expect your new keyboard to be in your hands.”

gmmk pro shipping

GMMK Pro shipping Estimated time

To ensure timely delivery of your order, please allow a maximum of seven to ten business days (excluding weekends) for it to be shipped from our warehouses.

GMMK’s official website says this

As a result of overwhelming congestion in US shipping ports, our GMMK Pro units have been languishing on container ships as they are queued up to be unloaded.

To guarantee that our warehouse has the units we need, we must delay the Batch 1 ship date from March 23 to an unspecified later date.

As of now, our freight carriers are changing the unloading dates daily. Our current projection is that the GMMK Pro units will reach our warehouse around early April; however, this could be earlier or later than predicted – we regretfully cannot provide a definite timeline presently.

We’ll be sure to inform you of all the recent news as soon as it arrives. Once we have received the units in our warehouse, an email will be sent to Batch 1 holders so they can finalize their purchase!

We regret to share this distressing news. Despite allowing additional time for potential obstructions, the current situation of shipping ports is worse than ever before.


GMMK PRO keyboard

We Reviewed the Performance Based on These

  • sharp and sleek design
  • GMMK Pro is a heavy (3.3 Pounds) keyboard because of the metal frame

The GMMK Pro is an exemplary keyboard, and rightfully so considering the hefty $250+ price tag. 

One of the User

“Last week on 8/6, I made an order and it arrived today on 8/13; thus showing that they don’t seem to be taking too long with their deliveries. They use DHL for shipping who then hands off the parcel to USPS for final delivery – depending upon your whereabouts, this may have an effect on the actual time taken in transit.”

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