How to play Genshin impact on low-end PC in 2022 ?

Many people are having problems while playing GenShin Impact on a low-end PC. The problem with Genshin Impact is that it requires a high-end PC to run. Luckily, there are ways to run the game on low-end PCs, and I’ll tell you what they are.

Play Genshin impact on low-end PC in 2022

How to play genshin impact on low-end pc

First, you need to go to the PC settings menu and search for the “game mode” feature. Once you find that, simply turn on the game mode and then start looking for the “game bar” feature. Once you find that, turn off the game bar.

You can find graphics settings and browse an app’s look by adding the genshin, but you must make sure that you have actually added a game, not the launcher.

Firstly, open the display settings of your PC and then open up the task manager. After this, you need to open Genshin Impact and then press the shift button, and holding the shift button, you have to click on Launch.

A new window will open and ask you to make some changes. Some of the settings I had mentioned below:

  • Once you have clicked on start, then make sure that the resolution is 800 x 600. 
  • Once you have done this, then ensure that the window is unchecked. 
  • After this, click on play and it will run smoothly.

After you do these settings when you play the game the graphics are really bad, but don’t worry. I have some more steps that will help you know how to play Genshin Impact on a low-end PC.

To boost your game performance, go to the graphics settings. Under “Display”, set the resolution to 800×600. That should help you get a smooth frame rate.

Now go to task manager and open the program genshin impact there find genshin impact and click on it then click on details and go to priority there select high and save it. Now run the game and see if there is any performance increase in the game if not then I recommend that you have to change some other graphics settings of the game.

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